How They Work

Heat pumps simply transfer free heat (not air) from one place to another, just like your refrigerator does. The heat that rises from the back of your fridge is coming from inside. An evaporator coil extracts warmth from the air inside, and transfers it out into your kitchen through the condenser coil in the back.

Heat pumps work in the same way. Two coils, one inside your home, and one outside are linked to draw warmth from the outside air (even on a cold Kiwi winter's night) and transfer it into your home.

That's a major advantage over electric or gas heaters, as heat pumps have no heating elements to burn energy. Then, at the click of a switch your heat pump can run in reverse, acting as an air conditioner to pump heat out of your home reducing humidity and keeping it fresh and cool in summer.


Fujitsu heats even when the outside temperature is down to -15°C, and cools even when the outside temperature is up to 35°C. More than enough to cope with our New Zealand seasons.

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